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KFAT Photo Gallery

You can reclaim all your prior high cholesterol lifestyle without the suffering and poverty of your misspent youth. The youth of today can effectively present the finger to the snobbish global t-shirt conformist logo wear peddlers of sameness franchise retail stores. Be welcomed at any bar or roadhouse which keeps a scratchy copy of Merle, Tammy, Hank senior on the Wurlitzer. Present yourself as a time traveler at festive parties. Allure the adventurous to come back to your trailer and listen to KFAT bootleg reel to reel recordings…or to the barn to help you feed your pigs!

Photos to be included soon...feel free to send in your own!


Joanna sports KFAT's finest in LA

Remarkable Graphic Artist
Michael Sheeler- 1977

The late, great Laura Ellen with Fat Fabric - 2004

Cliff Burton of Metallica showing
off his favorite shirt (and new manicure)