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KFAT Testimonials

“My KFAT shirt was a better investment than a prescription for Viagra.”
-Norman P. Aptos

“…the happiest relic of my youth.”
-Suzanna L. Palo Alto

“I had mourned the loss of my lucky original FAT shirt that I used to clean my surfboards with. Now that I have a couple of new ones, maybe I will catch some decent waves. “
-Dale B. Capitola

“Waylon and Johnny Cash may be lost, but my KFAT shirt is found. Thank God for miracles…”
-Pee Wee El Paso

“My roommate intentionally threw out my original fat shirt after I started seeing her ex-boyfriend after a Kate Wolf show. This is better than revenge.”
-Martha D. Soquel

“The moths got my last lucky KFAT shirt, …I still wore it while working in my garden. I am so happy that I can replace mine with a brand new one.”
-Kimberly K. Half Moon Bay

“…my kfatshirt is bad, but I think the phat cowbody needs some piercings. Check out my changes…”
-Max S. Felton

“…the only logo shirt I’d ever wear.”
-Tom H. Livermore

“…still have my original one I bought at a remote at Mountain Charley’s, this way I have something for my kids to inherit.”
-Paul A. Los Gatos

“My husband ruined my first kfat shirt when he tried to do the laundry. (It turned pink with everything else.) Imagine my surprise when he replaced it this many years later. After being married for 27 years I think I’ll keep him…”
-Mrs. Roberta O.

“ My kids used my old KFAT shirt during a craft project at school. It was ruined with dried wood glue and magic marker spills. Finally I’m whole again…Thanks.”
-Michael M. Memphis

“…now I have something to wear to Branson.”
-Louise R. Stockton

“ The best bar stories come to me when I wear my KFAT shirt out…”
-Connie Sue P. Pasa Robles

“…everyone still remembers KFAT where we live. My shirt proves I was there…”
-Terry H. Boulder Creek

“ My parents bought me and my twin one each so that we wouldn’t stress them about theirs. It is the only thing they wear that isn’t embarrassing…”
-Mark H. Santa Rosa

“ I got my first KFAT T Shirt directly from the station while at Gilroy High and it was directly responsible for two lost jobs in two states (Illinois and North Carolina) for refusing to wear something "more appropriate" while working. This shirt literally rotted off my back and I was thrilled to get a replacement as a wedding present. My wife was not thrilled to get a KFAT bumper sticker for the same wedding.”